We are Dijvler

Dijvler, an innovative and driven Dutch company with a passion for quality, has its roots and workshop in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. Dijvler has been the ultimate specialist in the development, production and maintenance of winches and accessories such as anchors, chains and steel wire for inland shipping for more than 40 years now. 

The quality of a Dijvler winch is no coincidence. It is a philosophy, the passion of generations who work on improvements day in, day out. Winches that are each designed for their heavy duty, year after year. Because a skipper must be able to rely on his winches. 

A typical Dijvler winch

  • Our own, proven designs
  • Measured on board, or drawn on the customer’s drawing
  • Customer-specific assembly in Hardinxveld-Giessendam
  • Low maintenance thanks to superior quality
  • Guaranteed service, regardless of time and place
  • Bureau Veritas and Lloyds-certified
  • Approved in accordance with the most recent ATEX guidelines
  • Options for making parts in stainless steel
That passion for quality started in 1977, when brothers Gerrit and Anton Jr. and their father Anton van der Vlerk laid the foundation for what has become Dijvler.


Innovative specialist

As a specialist, we are fully committed to optimising winches. We use our many years of knowledge and experience in innovations that increase ease of use and reduce wear. Innovations that lead to solid winches, which last longer and require less maintenance, and are more wear-resistant during intensive use.

Our own designs, externally certified

Based on our own drawings and designs, we have selected the best suppliers who supply our characteristic Dijvler components. All products are developed by us, and externally inspected and certified by Bureau Veritas and Lloyds, including the Marine Design Appraisal. Our winches are also approved in accordance with the most recent ATEX guidelines.

Quality and service, tailor-made

In the workshop in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, we assemble and check each winch on a customer-specific basis. The starting point is a good discussion about the client’s schedule of requirements. We measure on board existing ships to ensure we deliver the right customisation based on our own specifications. In the case of new construction, we use the customer’s drawing.

As a specialist, we fully understand the wishes of our customers, and we can respond quickly with service and knowledge. Together with the proven quality we deliver, these are the two pillars we stand for: quality and service.

Team, mission, history


Each day, a close and complementary team of seven people at the office and workshop in Hardinxveld-Giessendam focuses on the passion of Dijvler: the best winches for inland shipping.


We provide the inland shipping sector with the best winches for each ship. Thanks to proven quality and a continuous service where necessary, we make sure no ship with a Dijvler winch is anchored unnecessarily. Because a skipper must be able to rely on his winches. We are Dijvler. The winch specialist for inland shipping.


When Gerrit van der Vlerk, together with his father and brother, started his company in ship supplies in 1977, he had no idea how his company would boom. Over the years, a specialisation in winches and anchors, chains and steel cables emerged. The company has been in operation for more than four decades and the nature of the work has changed considerably. The commitment, craftsmanship and the quality awareness have always remained. In the early years, the focus was on overhaul and repair. Over the past decade, Dijvler has also specialised in the development and production of new anchor winches.

The baton was handed over to Laurens van Gelder in 2019, who took over Dijvler from Gerrit van der Vlerk after more than 42 years. Laurens continues to build on the wonderful existing foundation. And he focuses on new designs and innovations. With that, a new chapter has begun, with which Dijvler is ready for the future.