Anchor winches
Dijvler Materiaal can provide various types of Winches.
We can provide it, the way the customer wishes.
It may consist one or two chain sheaves, steelwire drum(s) or rope drum(s).

The size of the ship is important for the type of the Anchorwinch and the weight of the anchor(s).
We can provide 4 types of Anchorwinches, like DVM 4, DVM 6, DVM 12 or a DVM 15.
The winch can be powered by using an Electro-, Hydro or Diesel engine.

Coupling winches:Boxer
We can provide standard manual coupling winches of 25, 40 or 60 ton.
It is an option to convert the winches so they can be driven hydraulically.

Repair and Maintenance:
As you wish, we can arrange the maintenance or the repair of your winches.
Please contact us by phone to make an appointment.

For questions or a quotation you can contact us by Phone or by email.